True Pilates is a style of Pilates that teaches the exercises and philosophies of Joseph and Clara Pilates.  These teachings were directly handed down to Romana and her daughter Sari by Joseph & his wife Clara.  I have studied with these wonderful ladies and bring to San Antonio the power of True Pilates.

Experience the True Pilates difference:

  1. Exercises performed on Gratz equipment

  2. Strengthen the Powerhouse

  3. Improved posture, muscular balance, control and precision

  4. Enhanced energy

  5. Improved circulation

  6. Injury prevention

  7. Increased flexibility

  8. Reduced stress and tension

  9. Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries


      I came to Cecilia with a number of physical weaknesses.  I was desperate to strengthen my core to reduce the risk of pelvic injury.  I have been with Cecilia a whole year.  I am thrilled with my energy level, physique and strength.  She took the time to listen to my needs and build  a pilates program that would move at my pace.  Thanks Cecilia”

        ---- Irene M.

    "After just 2 reformer sessions at Pilates Authentica, I felt as if my entire lower body had shifted into better alignment.  Continued work with  Cecilia has given me even more mobility and ease in my back and pelvis.    Everyday movement feels much more fluid and graceful.    Cecilia's individual attention is terrific.  Her gentle adjustments correct my form and help me to get the most benefit from the Pilates exercises."

        ----  Libby M.

    “Thank you!  Thank you for making Pilates so appealing that I cannot wait to get to my class!  When I came to you I was not sure what I was getting in to but knew that I needed something that would not bother my knees and help strengthen my body for this aging process.  After two years, 25 lbs lighter and two sizes smaller I feel better than ever.  Not a day goes by that someone asks me what my secret is and my answer is always Pilates.

I will continue to do this as long as you will have me!  Thank you!

    --- Gina R.


San Antonio’s Only Romana Pilates Studio

Located in Hill Country Village
15709 San Pedro Ave.
281 between Thousand Oaks and Brookhollow
Behind Discount Tire

Cecilia Dominguez
Level V Instructor

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